Our Programs have really impacted our participants. But don't just take our word for it, hear what our graduates have to say about our CMC Training/Certification Programs!

“This Program is an A+. Never a dull moment. The trainers – fantastic! I’m beginning to see the results on my relationships with my children almost immediately as I apply the principles of understanding how children think and of communicating with them in a way that affects them powerfully!"

- Eugene Seah

"“Some of the major learnings I’ve had was Active Listening & asking appropriate questions. There were lots of interaction, video clips, discussions, role plays; it’s very engaging. I would encourage every parent to take this course, if not for themselves as parents, then for their children’s growth. A worthwhile investment both for the parent-coach and for our children!”

- Wong Meiling

“I’ve learnt about the art of listening; to understand and communicate better with my children. This is very relevant. The happiest seminar I’ve attended!"

- Deana Zhu

“I like the fact that the Program is very interactive. There’s a lot of role-plays, activities and discussions, so that I can ‘feel it’ – the different scenarios of how I can be more confident as a parent. How I can guide and motivate my children better!”

Tricia Lee