A Brief History of the Champion Mindset Coaching Federation

In early 2014, world acclaimed educational institute MindChamps spearheaded a new initiative to establish a coaching institute, the Champion Mindset Coaching Federation (CMCF) to train and accredit Champion Mindset Parenting-Coaches.

Combining our research with world acclaimed neuro scientist Prof Allan Snyder on the Champion Mindset, and drawing also from our patented Professor Snyder Thinking Cap Learning system, coaches will be trained in techniques which will assist our youth in facing the challenges of the 21st Century. Some of those challenges may include:

  • Relationships - friends and family
  • School - study aspects
  • Resilience - overcoming adversity or failure

By the first quarter of 2014, MindChamps in partnership with the CMCF had launched the first Modular offerings of the Champion Mindset Coach Training & Certification Programs to make them easily accessible to the public at large. The Program utilises MindChamps foundations of Neuroscience, Education, Child Psychology and the Craft of Theatre as unique approaches to the skill and art of effective Parenting-Coaching.

In particular, the 'theatre 'module is designed to reinforce and strengthen the Coaches core competencies. Conceived by professional actors, the module also opens a professional coach's 'emotional door' further by offering deeper insights into self and others.

MindChamps Champion Mindset Coach Training is designed to equip parenting-coaches with the tools and techniques to assist children to build self-esteem, hope, trust, vision, consciousness and self-awareness. The reward being, the ability to help the children of the 21'st century enjoy more choices in life.

The overarching vision is to build a Home Nation of families equipped with the champion mindset in their daily lives, thus enabling stronger individuals and families as the backbone of a resilient and forward looking nation.