Member Certification/Eligibility Requirements

To become a member of the Champion Mindset Coaching Federation you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Complete Module 1 of the Champion Mindset Coach Training/Certification Program (the Program) to become a member.
  2. Complete Modules 1,2,3 of the Program to be an Associate Coach.
  3. You may then be credentialed as Master or Fellow Coach upon fulfillment of relevant criteria.
  4. All coaches are to achieve the Core Competencies and abide by the code of conduct as taught in the Program.
  5. Pay applicable membership &/or credentialing fees.

For example, an Associate coach will need to complete 5 to 99 coaching hours for full membership:

Home assignment in Module 3: 5 hours

Actual external coaching hours needed: 94 hours

All coaches are to submit basic details to the Federation of any external coaching hours for purposes of obtaining coaching qualification.

CMCF Membership Categories




Completed at least Module 1 Member Annual fee: S$ 90 (flat fee for both Members and Coaches)

Completed Modules 1,2,3
(Professional Coach)

Associate Coach

Professional Coach
Completed 5 to 99 hrs of coaching experience

100 to 999hrs coaching experience
Credentialing fee: S$100
Completed Modules 1,2,3
(Professional Coach)
Master Coach 1000 to 2499 hrs coaching experience
Credentialing fee: S$150

Completed Modules 1,2,3
(Professional Coach)

Fellow Coach

Min 2500 hrs of coaching experience
& other recognized coaching certification
Credentialing fee: S$ 250