Champion Mindset Coaching Federation

The Champion Mindset Coaching Federation is an international coaching body incorporating the groundbreaking research findings of Professor Emeritus Allan Snyder FRS, founder of the Centre for the Mind at the University of Sydney, on the nature of creativity and championship.

His extensive studies into the lives of hundreds of extraordinary achievers, across all fields, including the late Nelson Mandela and
Sir Richard Branson, have been translated into training programs conducted by multi-award winning education institute MindChamps, for the development of the Champion Mindset in both children and adults.

Now, after more than a decade of having exclusive use of the Champion Mindset research findings in the fields of education and training, MindChamps founded the Champion Mindset Coaching Federation in 2014 to bring this proprietary research into the professional field of coaching to further benefit youths, their parents and anyone who works with youths.